Useful Tips:

Through our years of experience we have attained a wealth of knowledge on lawn care and maintenance.

Here are some of our tips:

  1. Never over do it when mowing.  If you skipped mowing a couple of times, do not try to compensate by cutting your grass too short (never cut less than one-third of the leaf surface). Low mowing is responsible for lawn weakening.
  2. Everyday, light watering can also destroy your grass.  It is much more beneficial to water systematically as needed, to help your grass grow stronger with deep roots.
  3. Treat crabgrass for good by applying a pre-emergent herbicide before the germinating period in our area, between March 15 and April 1st.
  4.  When fertilizing please be conscientious to our environment. For details follow the link (Environmental care) and read under Fertilization.
  5. Make sure you aerate since this method has multiple benefits. For more information follow the link (environmental care) and look under Seeding and Planting.

    Note: Aerating tools can be rented. Always look for the ones that remove pieces of soil from the ground and do not simply poke holes.  Those pieces of soil can be broken down and mixed with fertilizer before being spread over the rest of the soil. Make sure you water well the day before and after the process is completed.  
  6. “Over-Seed” during the early fall (and that is add seed over the existing grass) to help your grass grow stronger the following spring. After spreading the new seed, try to roll over your lawn with a water-weighted roller. This will help press the seeds into the ground, will help hydrate them and will thus improving germination.
  7.  If you are lacking the time or knowledge to care for your lawn, do not hesitate to call us at (410) 266-8586 so that you can utilize our professional help.
"My lawn has never looked better! Thank you so much for your expertise!”

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