Besides our basic services, you can also utilize our more elaborate ones listed to the side:


Composting: Instead of disposing of leaves and grass clippings, let us help you turn them into a compost heap to use to improve your lawn and garden. Composting is one of nature's best mulches.


Optional Services
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Fertilization programs
  • Weed Treatment
  • Seeding and Aeration
  • Turf-building

Make your own plan:

Picking and choosing from all the services we offer, we invite you to construct your very own lawn-care plan! Such a plan would entail distributing certain tasks to you and certain tasks to our crew (always depending on your preferences). For instance, if you enjoy planting bulbs, you could take over such a task and we could follow up by spraying for pest treatment. Combining yours and our work to complete a project and having us take care of all the work you dislike, yard-work can become so much more enjoyable to you.
Make your life easier and your yard looking and feeling fabulous by calling (410) 266-8586! We are ready to provide you with our services whenever you are!

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